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Your voice communicates your thoughts, ideas and emotions. It is a vital part of yourself and how you communicate to the world around you.  If your voice is impaired, it will change how people hear your message.

Nerves, poor health, stress, fatigue, and poor vocal technique are just some of the many reasons our voices may not be what we want them to be, either all of the time or some of the time.

I will work with you to improve your public speaking, find your healthy voice for day-to-day life, or a singing voice that is unique to you.

I will show you how to work with your breath and body so you can:

Amy Steggles Voice Coach Victoria BC
  • Speak with confidence, comfort and presence
  • Lessen or eradicate nerves when speaking or singing
  • Speak without a tremor
  • Improve projection/volume
  • Remove the airy sound from the voice
  • Have enough air to finish the sentence
  • Speak for longer periods without fatigue
  • Eradicate vocal fry
  • Speak with a more full and natural timbre
  • Find your natural singing voice
I will share with you a reliable foundation of knowledge specifically designed to improve vocal health and use of the voice. The exercises draw mainly on my years of training as an opera singer (including an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Music) as well as from hands-on lessons learned from acting, yoga, Alexander Technique, and dance.


I had the opportunity to present an oral statement at the 35th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Right before giving my statement I realized, looking out over the concentric circles of seats, that I was actually at the UN and I was actually doing this and I suddenly felt overwhelmed with nervousness and my voice started to tremble. I recalled the breath management techniques that Amy teaches and stopped and focused on breathing slowly and deeply into my belly through my nose, to calm myself and calm my voice. I focused on only reading the first words of my statement: “Mr. President.” The technique worked! My voice was clear and strong and calm for my whole statement! Thank you Amy for this amazing gift! It supported me through a critical moment in my career!
Renée M.
Having participated in the act of breathing for sixty-five years, I thought that I knew something about it. How wrong I was. Within a few hours, Amy clearly explained the physical action of breathing and demonstrated techniques to breathe more deeply and effectively.
Sharon B.
Corrections Officer, retired
I recently took part in a short introductory workshop with Amy, and walked away armed with a few great tips on body awareness and some insight into the science and art of breathing. I’ve had difficulty with my voice for some time, but even after this short class, I feel I have a better understanding of how I can work towards having a stronger voice. Amy possesses a wealth of knowledge on the subject, and is a delightful teacher.
Donna K.
Senior Legislative Coordinator
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